Get involved

Chiquitines Cultural Workshop Inc. is always looking for volunteers to help with its many projects.


To find out how you can get involved
contact us on the link below.

ways you can get involved:

festival activities

Our festival days include running kids craft activities or decorationg our festival stall and stage.

face and body painting

Doing facepainting at festivals is a fun way to get involved and help us with fundraising.

costume making

If you're handy with a sewing machine and love beautiful costumes we'd love to hear from you.


Teaching music whether it be musical instruments or singing traditional songs to people young and old.

dance teachers

Engaging with people through dance is a fun way to share our cultures.

prop making

Interested in art, or sculpture, making props for festivals and exhibitions will help us provide a full 3-D experience.


We are committed to assist and auspice CaLD arts activities with a strong educational community engagement.


If you have a unique talent you'd like to share we'd like to hear from you.


Become part of our fun and engaging community.