Chiquitines Cultural Workshop Inc.

The story began in 1998 when a group of four Latin American families met at a local park with the intention of teaching their children their language and culture. The following year the newly formed Chiquitines playgroup moved into the premises of community space in Mitcham and grew into a vibrant group, which become incorporated in 2009.

A Dance Group for school age children was included in 2004, plus a Roster Playgroup in 2008 to cater for children from three years plus. These groups developed organically out of a need to further our children's understanding of the culture as they grew.


Over the 21 years we have been operating, we have been able to gain many resources which are available to our members. These include:

  • library of Spanish books,

  • access to books, craft materials for workshop activities, posters of native foods, arts and songs,

  • costumes and props used for the dance performances, festivals and school incursions.


These resources all help to serve our goal of sharing our language and cultures.

Dance Group
Chiquitines cultural workshop inc.

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